Hey, I'm Joey :)

Email ArchitectI'm from the future,
Where we all have digital jobs
And I just happen to be an email architect.
And I'm here to turn your email list into...A state-of-the-art money printing Factory.
Okay, fine...
That part about being from the future may be bogus,
but what is real is that...
I'm here to trainsform and optimize your email list with
The Email Architect Blueprintâ„¢
Apart from email copywriting, I'm also a self proclaimed gym bro who loves to sing.
While you're here, check out some of my testimonials and samples.And if you're ready,
I'm looking to take on two more clients this month who want to skyrocket their sales and engagement by leveraging the aforementioned...
(The) Email Architect Blueprintâ„¢